An ugly job, but it’s a living

Cerberus – Redux

My first online writing experience dates back to the times of bulletin board system software like Opus. That was when the 2400 baud modem was blazing and a salesman once told me “You’ll never fill up a 10 Megabyte hard drive”.

Back in the days when you had to watch out for packs of roaming Velociraptors.

At some point I decide that I just had to have my own BBS. Nothing fancy, just my own little home on…what did we call it before the Internet? While I love what computers can help me do, I never understood all the work that had to go into helping computers do what I wanted them to accomplish. Running a BBS was a full time job, with too many late nights trying to compile files while my dot-matrix printer churned out the latest manual.

There came the moment where I cried “bullshit” and tossed my dreams of online publishing.

Until I read a blog for the first time.

The little devil that lives on one of my shoulders was napping when he heard me gasp. He looked at the screen and then at the expression on my face and in a flash he went to work breathing his nasty little lies into my ear.

Oh, look at that! It’s some sort of electric sex is what it is. Think how beautiful your writing would look. How elegant and compelling such a thing can make your words. You have to have it – you know you want it – think how gooooood it will feel.

I bit, but I’ve been down this road before with the little red bastard, so I took care to find something that promised to be the dummies’ version of blogging. No coding necessary was all I needed to read and I was clicking on the sign up for free trial button.

And thus the first Cerberus Blog was born at the Mac-centric RIP sparkpod, I guess the hashpipe ran dry at Apple’s blogging office and the servers were allowed to die. The death came in fits, first it was the occasional refusal of entry, when the only reply for the URL was “The requested application was not found on this server”.

Then it was every weekend, and ultimately it died and the corpse started to decay. Like the No Vacancy sign at some sleazy by-the-hour motel, the words “The requested application was not found on this server” constantly flash the message that there is no place for me there.

By the time Sparkpod had ultimately died I had already sought alternatives. In spite of myself I had learned some coding and I was comfortable looking for hosts that might be a little less “dummies” friendly. Blogger looked easy enough but I had seen the elephant and knew that I wanted something a little less common – a place that I could customize so it would feel like home. Blogsome offered some of those aspects that I desired, but after spending 20 hours dredging through the forums to learn how to change the header I was having flashbacks from my BBS days.

I cried bullshit yet again and went on about my business. Reading other blogs did nothing for my frustration, in fact I just got more frustrated because there had to be an easier way.

Then I found

This is the way to blog.

So, with my new easy to use and pretty to look at blog, I unveil Cerberusblog v 2.0.

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  1. 11 May, 2008 at 2:50

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