An ugly job, but it’s a living

Behold the Ugly American

Angelina Jolie, she of the poofy lips, self-abuse and mutilation, and a very close relationship with her own brother, has taken America to task several times for what she sees as a less than stellar image among the masses of poor unfortunates who weren’t born American.

“Our priorities are quite strange,” she said referring to the money Washington spends on war and not “dealing with situations that could end up in conflict if left unassisted, and then cost more.”

“We’re missing a lot of opportunities (to do) a lot of good that America used to do and has a history of doing … You have to start to notice that there’s something wrong with that,” she added.

How wise this young woman is to perceive the ugliness that is us. And how kind of her to take a few minutes away from her busy schedule of single handedly saving the world to point it out to the rest of us with dim wits and shallow intelligence.

But wait.

It appears that Angelina is rampaging through India with her own private army of security guards.

US star Angelina Jolie has been left stranded at an Islamic school in Mumbai where she was shooting a movie, when angry parents accused her bodyguards of shoving their children around.

“Some of the students were pushed around when they were leaving school by the bodyguards,” said Mohammed Yousuf, general secretary of the Parent-Teachers Association, whose two children study at the school.

“Jolie’s bodyguards had no decency and they pushed some of the women around,” added parent Sarwar Siddique, who had come to collect his two children.

Another unidentified man told private NDTV network that one of Jolie’s bodyguards called a man in the crowd outside the school a “bloody Indian” and made a gesture miming the slitting of a throat.

Oh, dear. This must be some misunderstanding. Certainly such an enlightened person as Angelina Jolie would be sure to consider the feelings of foreign people.

But no, it is just another in a string of incidents in which Jolie has moved through Mumbai like the Wermacht went through France.

Her bodyguards have choked out a reporter who dared to take a photograph of the Brangelina family group, punched another who tried to ask for an interview, her entourage sideswiped a motorcyclist as they tried to outrun the paparazzi, and of course there was the airborne invasion trip to Jodhpur

Violating Indian flight rules, the Brangelina Brigade landed a helicopter on top of a hotel in Jodhpur without seeking clearance. Followed by an invasion of the city’s shopping district with a 21 member entourage as Brad and Angelina bought emeralds and rubies.

From reading Jolie’s biography it is unclear if she ever managed to graduate from Beverly Hills High School. She may not have made it to the advanced English Literature class in which they read A Tale of Two Cities. That’s a pity, because she might have noticed some similarities between the Marquis St. Evrémonde and herself.


2 responses

  1. I wish the American press would stop making celebrities such as Brad and Angelina and Madonna, out to be so damn important.

    I’m tired of this threesome telling us that we should be adopting foreign children while so many of our OWN children are being shuffled around in the foster care system. God forbid they should adopt an American child in need.

    16 November, 2006 at 13:38

  2. She is supposed to be an ambassetor for the United States and she bad mouths them at every turn. She is really a strange one.

    19 November, 2006 at 20:52

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