An ugly job, but it’s a living

You’re still here?


I see you sitting out there in the dark theater, watching the blank screen while your hands dig down deep in the popcorn. Whispering the question.

When is this fucker going to write something new?

Certainly, you are a determined group. No posts in over a year and I’m still averaging 600-800 hits a month. Of course, from looking at the search engine terms that brought some of you here – there are some sick puppies amongst you. That post about Scary Brian really brings them out of the woodwork.

Okay – I’ll go dig out the bear suit and the juggling balls and we’ll get on with the show.


3 responses

  1. Hey, glad to see that you still exist.

    Thought I was watching a mime show with no lights on the stage. 😆

    30 November, 2007 at 22:28

  2. Sometimes, absence has a palpable feel to it. Interesting how that happens. I know that’s true, especially when I fall into the hole in my life.

    Blog included.

    I am flattered to be on your blogroll. Thank you for including me.

    Write more. You’ve much to say.

    I need more to read.

    Laurie Kendrick

    1 December, 2007 at 12:43

  3. Hello,

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    Please email me if you are interested. My email address is

    Darcy Carroll

    15 April, 2009 at 17:33

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