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A Correction/Clarification

In “What Would Elliot Think”, I wrote “when I started my law enforcement career it was illegal in Texas for an ordinary citizen to carry a firearm just because he thought he had a Constitutional right to do so.” That needs to be corrected and clarified. It was not accurate to say that it was illegal for citizens to carry firearms, rather, to be more precise, it was illegal to carry a handgun. Although, under the penal laws at the time I was writing of, it was legal to carry a rifle or shotgun around, the practicality of it seems to make the point moot.

2 responses

  1. Nice to see you’re back writing again. I’ve got a dandy toy that takes old slides and turns them into digital images; been doing that during the week. I posted another HPD picture this afternoon; the old slate blue wool shirt.

    Remember the way the law for weapons had the exceptions; acting as a traveler, a business person with large amounts of valuables or money… I think I prefer the clarity we have today, even with the requirement of a license.

    Have a great New Year.

    1 January, 2008 at 14:39

  2. My career started with the new penal code, so I never had to unlearn an old one. But the vestiges still hung on for years – I remember getting dispatched to calls for “Robbery by Firearms” years after the new code made it an Aggravated Robbery. And while I never knew the exceptions to the UCAW statute under the old code, I know that we honored the old exemption for business owners taking night deposits to the bank. It just didn’t seem right that a man or woman had to take thousands of dollars to the night deposit without some means of protection.

    2 January, 2008 at 20:26

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